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June, 2021

The golf course is completely healed from our Spring Aeration and guests are experiencing championship conditions.  To keep it interesting, we continue to change up tee marker and pin flag positions daily.   Just as we do, we encourage golfers to change it up too.  Don't be afraid to challenge yourself to a different tee box.  And,  on those really hot days, by all means play it forward.   It's always nice to have a new perspective of the course and it plays completely differently when you increase or decrease the yardage,   You may find that you use some clubs that rarely come out of your bag.

We've had quite a bit of rain to start the month,  so the course is playing shorter than normal.  As we dry out,  golfers will once again enjoy a good roll from tee shots and long fairway irons.   

Starting now and throughout the
summer we will be venting the greens every two weeks to allow the short tight grass to breathe and to ensure the greens continue roll smoothly.

As for your home lawn, it's time to apply a quality Grub control treatment any time now and before the end of the month. The grubs won't hurt you or the grass, but they attract other critters like moles and voles that will play havoc to your property.  Go on the defense and don't skip this important part of lawn maintenance.

Thank you for visiting my page. See you on the course and please,  remember to stay hydrated as the temperatures rise!   



George Pierpoint IV, Golf Course Superintendent, Harbor Pines Golf Club

I have been a Superintendent for 25 years and worked on golf courses since I was 14.  I find it a very challenging and extremely rewarding job.  Most importantly,  I am a family man with an extremely understanding and wonderful wife of 25 years and a proud father of 3 young men.  My passion is for the outdoors which is a perfect fit for my chosen profession.  I am also a 3rd generation Golf Course Superintendent and in the process of training the 4th generation....It kind of runs in my blood.   
I look forward to seeing you on the course enjoying the fine conditions that my team and I strive for here at Harbor Pines.

Happy 25th Birthday Harbor Pines, thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.