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May 1, 2021

The golf course has healed up nicely from Spring Aeration and we are now transitioning into our summertime championship conditions.  From tee to green I'm confident you will enjoy the great conditions.  Greens are smooth and fast.

Lilacs and other flowering trees have been giving us a beautiful spring showing.  Soil temperatures are slowly climbing, and the grass is waking up as you may have noticed in your home lawns.  I know we are anxious to get out there and plant but hold off until Mother's Day before planting your annuals.  Frost is always a possibility until then, we have had frost locally after Mother's Day before, but it is not very common.  Remember to put down your second application of crabgrass and goosegrass pre-emergent and hit those pesky broadleaf weeds. 

I look forward to seeing you on th course.  Keep it in the short grass.



George Pierpoint IV, Golf Course Superintendent, Harbor Pines Golf Club

I have been a Superintendent for 25 years and worked on golf courses since I was 14.  I find it a very challenging and extremely rewarding job.  Most importantly,  I am a family man with an extremely understanding and wonderful wife of 25 years and a proud father of 3 young men.  My passion is for the outdoors which is a perfect fit for my chosen profession.  I am also a 3rd generation Golf Course Superintendent and in the process of training the 4th generation....It kind of runs in my blood.   
I look forward to seeing you on the course enjoying the fine conditions that my team and I strive for here at Harbor Pines.

Happy 25th Birthday Harbor Pines, thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.